Oceania DX: 3 new DXCC

Coming back from my short Holiday (EA8/La Gomera) found a new rotor device from my AlphaSpid dealer. Softstart-stop was not working properly, they have sent the box back to the factory and I have a new one which works OK. Working with N1MM  in auto-mode.

Not working the  WPX-SSB contest but found real DX and worked 3 new DXCC within 24 hours (now 281): YJ0MXJ @ 20m, VK9LA @40m and T2UF @ 20m, all cw. And BW9/DL2JRM/p, not new but nice (40m).
Also worked some stations in the contest for LOTW confirmations (band-mode) like 8P5A (above 2000 already after 20h contesting!) and PY0FF on 40m SSB.

Good to be back home.

scoring and verifying DXCC

Last weeks scored some nice DXCC’s mainly on 20m&17m. K5D, PS0F, H40, H44, JD1/m. With the 4 ele SteppIR most times its very easy to break the pile-up. The hardest part is to find the ‘uplink’ frequency, saves a lot of time when you can find it.

Next project will be putting a tower for 30/40m dipole. The dipole is already here (D30/40 design by PF5X) but the tower still lacks. I found some on the net but transportation most times is difficult/expensive.

Last week I dropped nearly 200 cards at the Dutch card checker for 226 dxcc challenge credits (including 2m). Only 1 card was not OK, stupid error from my side, no mode&frequency on the card. For 2 meter band a lot of cards were from my old callsign PA3CPL, including nice ones like EA8, RA6 and UL7 (Kazachstan-3100 km). No moonbouncing or WSJT-MS here, only tropo, Aurora and Es. Mixed now 277 DXCC worked and one deleted (Y2). About 250 confirmed.

The controller of my rotor is broken (Alpha-Spid), no softstart-stop. Today I send it in for repair so no activity for a few days. Time for a short holiday :-))