scoring and verifying DXCC

Last weeks scored some nice DXCC’s mainly on 20m&17m. K5D, PS0F, H40, H44, JD1/m. With the 4 ele SteppIR most times its very easy to break the pile-up. The hardest part is to find the ‘uplink’ frequency, saves a lot of time when you can find it.

Next project will be putting a tower for 30/40m dipole. The dipole is already here (D30/40 design by PF5X) but the tower still lacks. I found some on the net but transportation most times is difficult/expensive.

Last week I dropped nearly 200 cards at the Dutch card checker for 226 dxcc challenge credits (including 2m). Only 1 card was not OK, stupid error from my side, no mode&frequency on the card. For 2 meter band a lot of cards were from my old callsign PA3CPL, including nice ones like EA8, RA6 and UL7 (Kazachstan-3100 km). No moonbouncing or WSJT-MS here, only tropo, Aurora and Es. Mixed now 277 DXCC worked and one deleted (Y2). About 250 confirmed.

The controller of my rotor is broken (Alpha-Spid), no softstart-stop. Today I send it in for repair so no activity for a few days. Time for a short holiday :-))


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