Oceania DX: 3 new DXCC

Coming back from my short Holiday (EA8/La Gomera) found a new rotor device from my AlphaSpid dealer. Softstart-stop was not working properly, they have sent the box back to the factory and I have a new one which works OK. Working with N1MM  in auto-mode.

Not working the  WPX-SSB contest but found real DX and worked 3 new DXCC within 24 hours (now 281): YJ0MXJ @ 20m, VK9LA @40m and T2UF @ 20m, all cw. And BW9/DL2JRM/p, not new but nice (40m).
Also worked some stations in the contest for LOTW confirmations (band-mode) like 8P5A (above 2000 already after 20h contesting!) and PY0FF on 40m SSB.

Good to be back home.


One Response

  1. Aart FB DX
    I hoorde je op 18076 + voor YJ0TXF en die JD1 maar dat ging ook niet zo easy bij jou ?
    Here max 559 on 80/160 dipole @ 18076 and JD1 539
    Wel YJ0MXJ @ 20 & 30m and T2UF 20m goed te werken zaterdag 559/569 mooie signalen op 20m
    + VK9LA op 80m heel erg zwak zondag maar de condx werden zondag middag en avond steeds zwakker zaterdag was beter.
    cu Jaap

    De steppir moet toch wel 1 of 2 S units sterker zijn hoop ik….

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