Dipole for 30/40m ready

A few months ago I bought a D40, extended for 30m. This is a design by PF5X on http://www.dx.nl/pf5x/previous-news.html (2 issues, scroll down for details).

Building was easy but with transport in the garden I destroyed the capacity hat :-((
The 2nd hand rotor-controller which I bought on a ham-event was broken (thanks, friend!) so had to repair that.

But after those setbacks the dipole went up today, not very high (about 7m). I guess the take-off will be more than 20 degrees, even 30.  Not good foor DX. Have to look for a better place to erect a new and higher mast. But regulations………..

This evening with some testing worked 5X1NH and S04R in a short time, with 250W out and a pile-up.  So some energy is going the right direction. To late for Mellish reef.

left D30/40, middle SteppIR and 2m, right verticaal
left D30/40, middle SteppIR and 2m, right verticaal

Mellish reef

A lot of jamming on the frequency all the time, it’s really disgusting. The QRI (QRM by idiots) comes in waves. It’s a scocial proces where behaviour invokes behaviour. Especially in an anonomous environment it can be very painful what the outcome can be.
Read all about it on Milgram experiment. (Dutch).

I was working in the garden on the D30/40 (read all about in my next post) and was not on 40m. @ 6 pm local went inside and tuned the band. VK9GMW was strong (real 599) but the QRI also.  But QRI comes in waves and after some 10 min. it became quiet and then after 5 calls made my qso for a new DXCC. Checked the log this morning and it’s real!

Later that evening worked 5Z4 on 30m. Not very rare DX, but the 30m antenne is only 2 meters from the ground so the wave was going straight up in the sky. Today setup the mast hopefully, read all about it 2morrow.