Sporadic E season started

Yesterday some nice Es on 6m was around. Only picked some nice ‘DX’ like MU and HB9, very short skip (or tropo?) only 600 km. Also 2 stations from TA and C4SV from Cyprus. Heard OA4TT very very weak but as normal the southern countries worked him with 599.
No 2m openings here yet but ready to go.

Meanwhile I started to use GlobalQSL for my qsl-ing. First I had to design my card (the program supplied by GlobalQSL is not very friendly) and a first batch was delivered. Saves a lot of time, but digital qsl is still the best way to go. Especially when sending them to the DXCC desk..

DXCC procedure sucks (this is the 21st century!)

In February I dropped nearly 200 qsl-cards with 225 confirmations at the Dutch fieldchecker, who checked the cards and sent the list to the DXCC-desk.

After 8 weeks I receive a list with credits: 3 rejected (OK), rest is accepted. But adding all the credited contacts (specified per Band not per Call!!!) there are only 210 credits on the list.

So how to handle: ask for a list of the processing at the DXCC-desk. Not available. The way to go is to manual search the differences between the LOTW-credits list (which can’t be selected on “last credits” but puts all credits old ones-new ones and pending ones on a big pile).

This is 2009 and it is unbelievable that I have to pay 40 dollars and have to do hours of manual labour (again another tme, after  first sorting all the cards, put them on a list in strictly described order to send them in.)

Why not provide a list with all transactions and results. Why not ask for a Excel sheet (now it’s all paper (2009!)

After checking I found that there had been some moves from my original list (which was not reported) so that is the difference was (Antartica -> South Shetland).