DXCC procedure sucks (this is the 21st century!)

In February I dropped nearly 200 qsl-cards with 225 confirmations at the Dutch fieldchecker, who checked the cards and sent the list to the DXCC-desk.

After 8 weeks I receive a list with credits: 3 rejected (OK), rest is accepted. But adding all the credited contacts (specified per Band not per Call!!!) there are only 210 credits on the list.

So how to handle: ask for a list of the processing at the DXCC-desk. Not available. The way to go is to manual search the differences between the LOTW-credits list (which can’t be selected on “last credits” but puts all credits old ones-new ones and pending ones on a big pile).

This is 2009 and it is unbelievable that I have to pay 40 dollars and have to do hours of manual labour (again another tme, after  first sorting all the cards, put them on a list in strictly described order to send them in.)

Why not provide a list with all transactions and results. Why not ask for a Excel sheet (now it’s all paper (2009!)

After checking I found that there had been some moves from my original list (which was not reported) so that is the difference was (Antartica -> South Shetland).



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