Again new DXCC on 6m: Mali.

Very very thin signals this morning from Mali. They have 1 Kw at least so some signal must be there before a QSO can be made.
The first time they were heard this morning I was discussing commercial things with a newsmagazine. What was announced as an open interview was in fact a selling proposal. Grrrrrrrrrr

But later I heard them again and made the qso 100% (click for audio)

Yesterday worked 8R1TO, after the expedition left the equipment (antenne) is still in place with excellent path to Europe.

New DXCC on 6m: FY.

We were very lucky on June 24. Again an opening to the Northern part of SA, French Guyana. FY5LH was active with variable signals /qsb up to 55 here ( (and also 8R1DB with 59+).
Again it was a very narrow line in which the station was heard. Sporadic E on 6m is a strange phenomenon which makes you sometimes happy, sometimes not.
After 2 hours of waiting I managed to make the qso with FY5LH, very light signal 51-51 but OK.

On the 26th the expedition in Mali TZ was heard here but I had to close down because of the t-storm coming in. That was the best time (around 20-21 local time)

t-storm N-Drenthe

Sporadic E and Noctilucent clouds

June 20 (‘longest’ day in 2009) another big opening on 6m from Europe to the Carib. This time not only Guyana was heard (tremendous 599 signals under heavy pile-up) but also Venezuela and many of the Caribbean Island / countries. The same time there was very short skip in Europe, at 22 utc I could hear GW-stations easily.  That is about 600 km.

I worked 4 new countries PJ7/K2GSJ  – WP2B – VP2MRT – FG5GP. Although SSB is OK (one call with NP4A, he made 4 qso’s / minute) CW is far better in this thin signal environment. My contact with FG5GP was OK but with CW it would have been much easier.
After 22 utc still contacts were made from Southern Europe into Canada (VO1TA) and USA.

Around 22 utc there was a call on the net for visibility of Noctilucent Clouds (NLC’s). Which was also the case a few days ago. This attracted my attention (I went outside but there were low hanging clouds) and did some googling.

Yes, there is a very close connection to NLC’s and Eskip. Read for instance here . It is called polar summer mesospheric echoes (PSMEs).

FG5GP SSB-qso with deep qsb so be persistent! recording FG5GP
8R1DB 2nd qso, the first one was not very good (qrm-qsb) but this one is 599+ on June 21st.

Dubbelhop Es

This year I am serious busy on 6m.  My 4 ele SteppIR has the 6m-extension so it is a 6 elements for 6m.  This makes it a sharp antenna which is an advantage sometimes, sometimes not. Not if there is a ‘birdie’ on the frequency. You cannot turn the antenna a littlebit say 15 degrees away to find a minimum for the birdie while the DX-signal is still coming in.
I have a birdie on 50.103 many times, maybe it is from the PC’s in my shack I don’t know I have to find out.
But yesterday interesting DX were on…103: A7 and 8R1DB.
I worked them both but had to use all technical gadgets to hear my report (narrow bandwith to 150 Hz, use beat cancel) but both are in the log. Nearly lost my qso with 8R1DB because I was fiddling around with the mp3-recorder to get the qso on disk.  I restart the recorder everytime, but forgot the restart it again and that was the moment I received reply from Gyuana (always the same Murphy).
6W1SJ was also worked fairly easy (everybody was hunting 8R1) not new DXCC but always nice DX.

2 days ago worked Tony T77C in a one minute burst, listened on his frequency for one hour and suddenly went 599, one call to work him. 4J9M heard me but I didn’t get a report.
Makes 89 countries on 6m.

I wish the sun would be more active so F2-openings are coming. Multihop Es – openings are very spotty, local with qsb and signals are not very strong most times. Maybe I should use an extra preamp to improve reception?

Es is here to stay (this week)

Some nice DX on 6m with new DXCC like 5N, 9, SU and HI

PA3C – Netherlands

Call sign Worked Date/Time Band Mode Freq QSL DXCC
Details PA3C WP3UX 2009-06-10 18:52:47 6M SSB 50.175
Details PA3C LY2BAW 2009-06-11 06:00:15 6M CW 50.105
Details PA3C ES7FQ 2009-06-11 06:04:04 6M CW 50.096
Details PA3C OH1MLZ 2009-06-11 08:52:35 6M CW 50.1
Details PA3C GW3JXN 2009-06-11 09:22:52 6M CW 50.094 WALES 6M; Challenge
Details PA3C TF2JB 2009-06-11 17:10:59 6M CW 50.084
Details PA3C YL2GB 2009-06-11 17:17:58 6M SSB 50.115
Details PA3C 9Y4VU 2009-06-11 19:21:15 6M CW 50.1
Details PA3C D44TD 2009-06-11 19:42:21 6M SSB 50.11
Details PA3C SU1SK 2009-06-12 11:53:12 6M CW 50.105
Details PA3C HI3TEJ 2009-06-12 13:00:36 6M CW 50.1
Details PA3C WP4U 2009-06-12 14:19:47 6M SSB 50.12

Joining an expedition

A new and exiting upcoming event: I’m joining an expedition as Operator.
In November we will go to Easter Island (CE0Y).

More news to follow but you can look for yourself on dx-hamspirit

Hope to have qso with you!

opening to the Caribean on 6m

a short opening on 6m to the Caribean, only WP3UX and KL4EIT were heard here in JO33. Small signals, it was better more South of us (always).
Audio recording with WP3UX included (1 minute, dutch contact hihi)

Nice Es to Africa and East

Up till now the Es-season was quit nice. The European traffic was heavy the first week of June. But also some nice DX came through from Africa. I managed to work TN5SN and TR8CA both on SSB and CW. A few days later 5N0OCH and 5N/LZ1QK. The last one seems to be an illegal call but who cares, nice DX! 5N0OCH only has a wire for 6m, no beam!
And in a opening to the East I managed to work EY8MM in cw.
No stations heard to the West (except CU3), the southern part of EU was more lucky on that.

Nice things about modern times is that most of these qso’s have already been confirmed via the LOTW system and are ready to submit to the DXCC-desk. Now 85 countries on 6m (50 confirmed) but I have never experienced a F2-opening yet. And I’m afraid the sun is not going to change that in the next few years.