Dubbelhop Es

This year I am serious busy on 6m.  My 4 ele SteppIR has the 6m-extension so it is a 6 elements for 6m.  This makes it a sharp antenna which is an advantage sometimes, sometimes not. Not if there is a ‘birdie’ on the frequency. You cannot turn the antenna a littlebit say 15 degrees away to find a minimum for the birdie while the DX-signal is still coming in.
I have a birdie on 50.103 many times, maybe it is from the PC’s in my shack I don’t know I have to find out.
But yesterday interesting DX were on…103: A7 and 8R1DB.
I worked them both but had to use all technical gadgets to hear my report (narrow bandwith to 150 Hz, use beat cancel) but both are in the log. Nearly lost my qso with 8R1DB because I was fiddling around with the mp3-recorder to get the qso on disk.  I restart the recorder everytime, but forgot the restart it again and that was the moment I received reply from Gyuana (always the same Murphy).
6W1SJ was also worked fairly easy (everybody was hunting 8R1) not new DXCC but always nice DX.

2 days ago worked Tony T77C in a one minute burst, listened on his frequency for one hour and suddenly went 599, one call to work him. 4J9M heard me but I didn’t get a report.
Makes 89 countries on 6m.

I wish the sun would be more active so F2-openings are coming. Multihop Es – openings are very spotty, local with qsb and signals are not very strong most times. Maybe I should use an extra preamp to improve reception?


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