Sporadic E and Noctilucent clouds

June 20 (‘longest’ day in 2009) another big opening on 6m from Europe to the Carib. This time not only Guyana was heard (tremendous 599 signals under heavy pile-up) but also Venezuela and many of the Caribbean Island / countries. The same time there was very short skip in Europe, at 22 utc I could hear GW-stations easily.  That is about 600 km.

I worked 4 new countries PJ7/K2GSJ  – WP2B – VP2MRT – FG5GP. Although SSB is OK (one call with NP4A, he made 4 qso’s / minute) CW is far better in this thin signal environment. My contact with FG5GP was OK but with CW it would have been much easier.
After 22 utc still contacts were made from Southern Europe into Canada (VO1TA) and USA.

Around 22 utc there was a call on the net for visibility of Noctilucent Clouds (NLC’s). Which was also the case a few days ago. This attracted my attention (I went outside but there were low hanging clouds) and did some googling.

Yes, there is a very close connection to NLC’s and Eskip. Read for instance here . It is called polar summer mesospheric echoes (PSMEs).

FG5GP SSB-qso with deep qsb so be persistent! recording FG5GP
8R1DB 2nd qso, the first one was not very good (qrm-qsb) but this one is 599+ on June 21st.


3 Responses

  1. Great score. Never heard P43A and only briefly some words of VP2MRT. If he only would have operated CW, but his paddles were broken during transportation (@#$%).
    Fortunately could add PJ7 for #201.

    — Enno

  2. mooie score
    jammer de noctilucent clouds niet gezien beide keren bewolkt
    recording erg zacht FG5GP

    1 new one VP2MRT S5 max easy ..
    JH4IFF redelijk 559 gehoord the only JA here
    worked before.. no pile ups of JA more digging out in static rain sunday morning but even without static QRN no JA here.

  3. Congratulations to those who got Montserrat as a new country on 6M. It was a real pleasure to talk to all of you last summer. I will be back on Montserrat in June of 2010 final dates TBA. I hope to have good conditions to you at that time.

    73 and Gud DX!!


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