New DXCC on 6m: FY.

We were very lucky on June 24. Again an opening to the Northern part of SA, French Guyana. FY5LH was active with variable signals /qsb up to 55 here ( (and also 8R1DB with 59+).
Again it was a very narrow line in which the station was heard. Sporadic E on 6m is a strange phenomenon which makes you sometimes happy, sometimes not.
After 2 hours of waiting I managed to make the qso with FY5LH, very light signal 51-51 but OK.

On the 26th the expedition in Mali TZ was heard here but I had to close down because of the t-storm coming in. That was the best time (around 20-21 local time)

t-storm N-Drenthe


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  1. Just minutes before finished the antenna and raised the mast… heard some thunder from your direction… TZ6EI was max 5-6 very good copy sorry for the t-storm . Later heard Jimmy V29JKV lot of qSB but good copy at times. No QSO and later some Stateside Q the DK7ZB 7 ele seems okay but not way better then the old yagi F/B seems better SWR is 1:1.1 to about 50.500

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