qsl TN5SN on 6m received


I worked TN5SN 2 times on 6m on one day: CW and SSB. Especially in June the conditions to the South were very good and Nicolas was worked in Europe nearly every day. He already sent qsl via LOTW but always nice to have a card (and also necessary for some awards as LOTW is not available for card-checkers).

Also received qsl from A7/M0FGA and 5N0OCH via the LOTW-system, cards are pending (I hope).

Conditions are much less in Juli than in June.  Some hams were lucky with 5J but no other DX the last few days. Today I worked 3*K but with the big guns, it is better to say: they worked me 🙂

In the meantime we are preparing the trip to Easter Island in November, the group is now 6 and we have a lot of cooperation from the Chili Radioclub (RCCh). Within a few weeks there will be a website with more info so stay tuned!


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