pre-amp on 6m

Just after the Es-season (too late…) I finished a preamp for 6m.  Thanks to Colin GM0RLZ who sold me all necessary items (PCB, SMD and pre-wound coils) for a good price. The preamp design is from YU1AW details here.

Putting it all together was not difficult but I it was a long time ago (years) I was soldering myself. The eyesight has not improved, shaking hands and SMD’s are really small things! But after concentrating and using a tweezer from my wife I got it all on the PCB.

Some calibration has to be done, but I just turned the C’s around and listened for maximum noise.
No other adjustments.

On a 5 ele antenne for 6m, 1 meter high, screened by some bush, I can hear LX0SIX (363 km) almost as good as on the (6 ele) SteppIR on 10m high. Not bad at all!

This weekend I will perform a real comparison test but now so many T-storms I have to disconnect.


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