Easter Island website launched: XR0YA

The website for the expedition to Easter Island in November has been launched. Moai_Rano_raraku

XR0YA website

We have also been granted license for 30m CW with this call,
which will attrack huge pile-ups I’m sure!
We will be very active on 30m see our goals.

Preparations are running and we still need support see the XR0YA-website.

Read all about Easter Island on wikipedia (many languages).

See you on the band!


4 Responses

  1. Hoi Aart,

    Veel succes op Paaseiland! Volgens mij zat Enno,PF5X er ook al eens. Ik zal zeker luisteren. Misschien ook wel aanroepen, Vooral in DIGI-Mode.
    Want in DIGI heb ik Paaseiland nog nooit gewerkt.
    Verder heb ik Paaseiland op alle banden van 160-10, m.u.v. 160 en 12 m SSB

    73, Kees, PE5T

    6 meter is trouwens ook leuk!

  2. Hi Aart,

    Great ! Been there as XR0Y (1995). The drill is simple: start netween 20 and 21 hrs local time on 80m, subsequently 40m and finally 30m. Tons of Europeans that way. Everybody will be greatful … ! Of course you can skew a bit towards 30m because that band is normally not allowed in Chile. The island is beautiful, make sure you see things at the moment there is not a boat full of tourist offloaded onto the island. I was in the main rock where all the moai were cut on my very own … AWESOME !!!

  3. Hi Haar:
    Gustav CE4WJK am, I live in central Chile, I wish you much success in the DXpedition XRØYA, I advertised on my blog and http://ce4wjk.wordpress.com also Portal chileno http://www.zona12.cl good luck. Gus.

  4. Ik zag dat de call naar XR0Y is veranderd. Die call is intensief gebruikt door de DXpeditie waar ik bijzat. Persoonlijk zou ik dus nooit een call nemen die in het verleden al zo intensief is gebruikt.

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