Just back from an assignment from India. When I came home I found out that the 160m inverted-L was destroyed by the cows from the neighbor.  Not sure how they did it. The top-line was across their land but to high for the ladies. Maybe the wind was so heavy (I was not at home, don’t know) that the flex-pole from 16 m was bended so much that the top-line fell to the ground.
Yesterday the farmer brought 40m alu wire back to me.
So no 160/80m for me so I decided to focus on 40m and have some fun on the other bands, mainly 15m&10m.

Saturday 15m&10m were open, but not to the North-West. Later Saturday there was aurora on 2m declared, which explains all.
Sunday only 15m was open, 10m only short skip time-to-time.



I made nearly 600 qso’s on 20 active hours (had to play volleyball on Saturday), quite nice with some nice Zones worked on 40m.
Missed Zones like 3/6/19 even on 15m!

Preparing for the trip now to Easter Island. You can follow all the details on the site. Already there are 4 videoblogs running!


2 Responses

  1. Fb Aart
    Condx 10 15 20 real good. 20m was coverd 3 layers thick here.. 80 160 poor.
    Not realy my thing Phone but you got to be there with this good propagation + big activity.

    P29VCX on 20 40 and 30 CW

    i have the 160m L okay now simple wire vertical 25m parallel with mast. Superb match direct on coax feed no tuner needed. Seems effective for DX. simple and good. Nomore dipoles for me here on topband.
    In the better period 1 1/2 week ago easy work KH7XS KL JA west coast.

    Dipole 2band 80 & 30m also good match but now 80m is tuned in the phone part the 30m match is affected negative! ( -1.5m x2)

  2. Aart svp score doorgeven voor afdelings klassement Groningen we staan zo laag..

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