Easter Island: the apotheoses

It is a week ago that we left Easter Island with the XR0Y expedition.
In Santiago de Chili the group splitted, Stan went to the South with his sister to travel there (very nice!), Leszek back to Boston and the rest to Europe. Marco already had left a week earlier, back to work.

In Santiago we did a short tour in the city, did some nice shopping on Lapislázuli and had a great  ‘say goodbye’ dinner at the home of Pedro (CE3BFZ-CE3FZ) and Ximena. The Radio Club de Chile RCCh was very very helpfull in organizing this expedition, especially Pedro and his wife who did a full taxi-service for us to-and-fro the airport in Santiago. Thanks!!

Aart PA3C handing over the radio to Pedro CE3FZ

When I decided to go on this trip I also decided to donate my old radio FT767GX to the RCCh. I hope that the club can stimulate the young people for our hobby with this radio, our group is getting older and more grey hair every year and the influx of new (young) people is very thin. Internet and other hobbies take a lot of time!

I worked a lot of stations while on Easter Island but was still missing the DXCC from my home location. And just one week after returning Lars, SM6CUK is on Easter Island and I managed to work him on 40m/17m/20m cw for a new DXCC (292). Nice apotheoses of the Easter Island expedition!

Some more pictures of the final dinner at Pedro’s house on the website of the RCCh