Experimenting with RTTY

I wanted to start with RTTY and ended up with a lot of experimenting and testing this week.
On Easter Island I did some RTTY with MixW and decided to do some RTTY at home.
Because I usually work with N1MM as logging software, I first started with MMTTY which integrates nicely (so nearly no button training).  But I found it hard to setup and also it is very difficult to ‘catch’ a station. Compared to MixW on Easter Island it was difficult.

So I downloaded MixW and tried that for a day. The program is much easier in handling, the interface is easier (click on the lines and qso). I programmed the macro’s and worked 40 qso’s this morning in the TARA-contest.
Setback: no integration with my central logging engine N1MM/DXKeeper.

Yesterday I experimented the whole day with HRD-DM780. These programs are ‘heavy’ but are OK. I started with HRD4.
I also installed the DM780-bridge to DXKeeper so added qso’s are entered in DXK also. This is working fine, although I needed some help from the developper Howard, K7JNX. Now I also have to start Commander (part of the DXlab-suite) and it works OK.
My architecture is complex with N1MM&HRD-DM780 running on PC1 and DXKeeper etc. running on PC2.
One annoying point: DM780 triggers a lookup which slows down the logging in DXK. Not suitable for contesting.
I upgraded to HRD5 but this does not change so I go back to HRD4 because the new logbook in HRD5 gives a very heavy load on the machine. DM780 in HRD4 has its own logbook, which is enough.
However I did make just a few qso’s with this setup because programming the macro’s takes time and the learning curve….

So which program to choose?
The jury is still out.
Which program is the best? MMTTY    –     MixW   –   DM780????


3 Responses

  1. Hallo Aart, heb hier ook alle programma’s gebruikt die jij ook geprobeerd hebt. Zelf werk ik het liefst met MMVARI in combinatie met N1MM voor contesten. Daarbuiten werk ik met DM780 en HRD V5. Terwijl ik het logbook van HRD V4 gebruik als hoofdlogboek. Heb MixW in het verleden diverse keren geprobeerd maar kan er niet mee overweg. Vind wel dat MixW erg goed decodeert. Ik denk dat het de keuze voor een bepaald programma erg persoonlijk is. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Aart, Ik gebruik nu FLdigi en dat bevalt me prima voor PSK31 en CW. het is ook nog eens freeware. 73 paul

  3. Hi Art,
    For me, especially for contesting on rtty or digital mode, MixW is the best.
    Easy handle and easy operation and interfacing, including handling a QTC on WAE RTTY contest.
    BTW, nice blog!

    73 de Jon.

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