TS-2000 crashes on 160m

This weekend I joined the Stew Perry contest on 160m for a few hours. Conditions were not very well, I heard one JA (wkd by PA0O), P49V (I heard him, he did not hear many stations …), KV4FZ which is KP2 and some W’s from zone 5&4. No zone 3 heard here. No other zones heard also. Not much activity. I think this is a bad weekend for a contest because of Christmas.

I made 70 qso’s with 352 points. DX was 16 points (over 8000 km I think).

But the nasty thing I found out is
– my reception – sensitivity is bad. Most USA-stations I worked I had to give them one time my call. So with my power (600 W, 100m Aircell-7, inv.L) I’m strong enough. But I could not hear stations worked by other EU-stations. I definitely need beverages or K9AY-loops. Or maybe a FOoAA, is smaller. That will be the summer project 2010.
– The TS-2000 crashes: the signal is distorted by Intermodulation which sometimes makes it impossible to get the calls right. I can understand that there will be problems when some signals in the band are over S9+40, but even with the pre-amp off the IMD products are still there.

Listen to IMD on TS-2000 this morning.

I think the main cause is the MF of the TS-2000, which is to close to 1,8 MHz.
So I have to think about a new trx? Beverages will help to lower the local (EU) signal-strengths, and directional systems (K9AY) can suppress strong signals there are some nice examples on youtube.


2 Responses

  1. The TS-2000 is already belonging to the older generation transceivers. Up conversion to a high IF and no high quality, small bandwidth roofing filter makes it a real challenge to deal with weak sigs on 160m, while avoiding 3rd order IMD. Consider buying a K3 or Orion.

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