APRS on my ….. Iphone

Last week I read an article about APRS on the blog of G4ILO about APRS and an Iphone application BCNU.

After reading I downloaded (had to pay for it) the application to my Iphone and tried it.

I must say it works really nice, although the location is not very accurate. Maybe that is because the Iphone is inside the house and not seeing to many satellites?

But this afternoon when I working on the snow (we had another 15cm last 24 hours), it was the same: it was out of the real position for more than 1 km.

Nice thing is that it directly integrates Iphone application and web. I travel a lot and now it is easy for my family to follow me.

(I created my own big brother????)


One Response

  1. Is inderdaad wel een leuke app. Als je straks dement wordt dan kunnen we je altijd vinden. Hoewel, een gebied 1 km x 1 km uitkammen vanwege onnauwkeurigheid van app en hardware is natuurlijk ook weer een hoop werk en de vraag is dan: “Is Aart dat waard ?” (sic) ;;;;;–))))

    Kortom: Nog de beste wens’n veur ‘ t nije joar, mit heul veul DX.

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