Improving my reception on Topband

Last week I wrote about IMD-problems on 160m. These problems usually occur during crowded situations like contests. But also when there is a pile-up running and I want to work a station close to that (up-)frequency.
Also the fisherbouyings are annoying (but no IMD from them).

So I decided to take action:
– lower the input of unwanted signals on my 160m inverted-L. So I ordered a K9AY-unit from Wellbrook in the UK.
They discontinued the selling on their website but they are still in stock. The Array-solutions unit was also attractive (price) but after reading a few reports I decided on the Wellbrook unit
– Put in a sharper filter from INRAD than the Kenwood-cristalfilter. Discussions on the net convinced me that the INRAD 2,1 Kc filter would improve IMD-behaviour. Also the reception in crowded RTTY-situations will improve.

Both units are ordered so we have to wait and then install them. The INRAD filter will be a tricky operation I was told.

Meanwhile we still work new DXCC’s on 160/80/40m. On 160m I was very pleased with 9M2 and PY (and heared VK but no qso).
On 80m&40m SSB worked VK6IR.  Signals were OK but not to strong. The K9AY-unit is also meant to improve receiving sensitivity, most times I received reports that were better than I could give away (for what it is worth). But even if the K9AY is not improving my reception, I can null-out some stations that keep calling without listening…….

I know that a TS-2000 will never become a K3 but for the time being these improvements will give me more DXCC’s on Topband I’m sure about that.


2 Responses

  1. I am afraid that the only filter which will going to help on reducing 3rd IMD, is a crystal roofing filter. Is the 2.1 kHz filter a roofing filter or a 2nd/3rd IF filter ? If so then you will still suffer from IMD. Same as with my FT-1000MP: only the INRAD roofing filter (4kHz BW @ 1st IF: 70MHz) really improved the situation …

    This does not mean that the filter for your TS2000 won’t improve the RX. It will, but I seriously doubt whether it improves the situation wrt 3rd order IMD.

  2. BTW. The K9AY loops will certainly improve your RX capability. Lower signal strength (=> less chance for IMD), but at a much better S/N ratio, will do the trick.

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