A disaster never comes alone

The last few weeks I already experience some problems with my PA from Expert. It was warning for high SWR (between TRX and PA). After some testing I found that some essential things like tuning are not working right anymore. Manual tuning is not possible anymore. What happened?

But I also started to investigate on my SteppIR (4 ele).
I had the feeling that the SWR was not as flat as was before this winter.
I tested the motors and the wiring resistance which were OK. After calibration the SWR of the SteppIR was OK, but when I change to different bands back-and-forth the SWR went up skyhigh!
So there is clearly also something wrong with the SteppIR, loosing its calibration so fast. Last summer I calibrated maybe 1 or 2 times SWR was fine all the time.

I also cought a virus on my PC, quite a strong one, disabled my virusscanner within a second. To late to correct….

and I have a bad fever the last few days.

There is clearly something wrong with my horoscope, better stay in bed.


3 Responses

  1. Oh Boy, take care… and I wish you a soon recovery and a lot of luck. 73 Paul

  2. Neem even contact op met Kees, PE5T, die heeft geloof ik in het verleden ook een dergelijk probleem met zijn SteppIR gehad. Kunnen misschien ook bevriezingsverschijnselen zijn, vooropgesteld dat er water in de EHU’s is gekomen.

    Maar eerst: beterschap !!

  3. beste om jammer te lezen dat je problemen heb met je steppir.
    ik heb hier de zelfde problem met mijn 3ell 40/30
    als het weer beter wordt dan ga ik de antenne naar beneden halen en de inliners vernieuwen, zodat ze langer worden zodat de tape niet meer kan buigen
    zie info steppir 40-30m dipole kit’.
    groetjes willy pa3evy

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