lies, damn lies and statistics

Yesterday I talked to Ron GW3YDX on the Topband chat (ON4KST), on his webpage he referred to a program to show statistic. Just export your log to ADIF and the program creates some nice tables. Not about worked DXCC (not necessary, is in my logbookprogram DX-Lab), but about QSO/band., QSO/mode etc.
The program is made SP7DQR, he made more programs look here. The statsprogram is called ADIF_filter.
Enough said, some nice stats now. I started as PA3C in 2003, that was also my start on HF

SSB&CW are equal, that is my feeling also
But I made 24% of my qso’s on November, that is strange. CQWW? I always run CQWW on SSB&CW so October must be important to.

And this year I did not have any contracts so was at home a lot. Occupation: radioamateur :-))



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  1. Hallo Aart, interessant, bedankt voor het vermelden van de link. De beste man heeft nog veel meer interessante converters/filters/programma’s die altijd te gebruiken zijn.
    Beroep Radioamateur lijkt mij wel wat. Jammer dat het slecht betaald word. 73, Bas

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