Eastern Kiribati

Despite the problems with the SteppIR (is still mistuning when I change band), I managed to work a new DXCC: Easter Kiribati T32BJ. Don is qrv on 20m cw every day around 16-17 utc, so I re-tuned my antenne and waited. Around 16 utc some stations started to work him (Southern part of EU) and after 45 minutes signals started building and 16.58 I managed to work him for a new one.

Signals were very trembling. The sun is putting in more activity lately and my path to T32 is nearly North over the pole (340 degrees). Auroral flutter made it difficult to copy. DXCC 294.

This morning I worked TX3D Austral Island on 40m. And with some other DX like VP8 (3 bands) and San Fernandez Island this was a nice week collecting DX.
(added later: worked JT1CO on 160m @ 19 gmt for a new one)

This week I will drop my set and PA at Hamshop.nl for some repair. The TS-2000 will be upgraded with an 2,1 KHz Inrad filter (not a roofing filter, but 1st MF). Hope this will cure the IMD-problems on 160m (and also on other bands in contest&pile-up conditions). And the SPE needs some attention too.

I  will be off the air until April heading for 3D2-ZL-BY. 73!


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