QRV again

It is now 3 weeks after I came home from my trip around the world.
Still managing old (paper) mail. Trying to get things on track again like a job..

My radio was upgraded. In the January 1st discount at INRAD sale I had bought a filter for my TS-2000 (I know, it is not a roofing filter), but putting it in my rig was a complex operation. I had it done, but not without problems. Seems the space to put the filter in is very narrow.
But it works and the first feeling is that reception is better @ narrow filtering. The real proof of the pudding will be a contest with some High-power stations in the neighbourhood especcially on 160m&80m.

My SteppIR (20-10) seems to be OK again. No problems with SWR going up after changing the band.
I read a lot about problems with the SteppIR in winter conditions, mostly about the 30-40 extension. And there are hams returning to ‘old fashion’ multiband antennes because of these problems.

Working the band is fun again. I was astonished that the feeling for searching for the uplink (when split) was still there. Worked P29, 3W and FK8 very easy (only 500W) on 20&17.

At the moment I only have the SteppIR ant. active, all others (160/80/30-40) are down because I wanted to protect them while travelling. There is some serious work to do to get things up again: we are in the mids of a land consolidation proces (my area is partly appointed as high water area), and hopefully we will get a piece of land closer to my shack.

I also bought a K9AY loop at Wellbrook. And trying to get a solar power farm subsidized by the government on the land too. More sun, more power, more DX………

I’m off to the Camras radio telescope maybe hear you on 2m-70cm EME?