New ODX on 6m

Today I worked my new ODX on 6m.

Around midday 9M2TO came through with very thin signals. The qrm from tv was high but we made it. That is about 10.000 km which is astonishing for multihop Es (not for F2 but we still have to wait for the sun to pickup on spots).

Also this morning I worked UK8OM for a new one, and EY8MM (not new).

Earlier this week I worked YV1DIG (new), in a opening to the Carib and South America. Also worked Fy1FL there (not new but nice DX).

Total countries worked on 6m is now 106.

The last few days the Es is broken by Aurora. The southern part of Europe can still work Es to S- and N-America but up here signals are down. SFI is going up but not enough for F2.

Tomorrow June will start, the best month for Es on 6m.
Especially to Japan via the pole (SSSP, see this

Lots of DX

This week the Es season really started off.
I managed to work 3 new DXCC on 6m: A9, TL and ST (cw&ssb).  Total worked on 6m now 102, but I was not qrv in the last F2-period. So we wait for the sun to become more active for real DX on 6m.

But also on other bands there was nice DX. TL0A was activated, not only on 6m but on other bands to. I worked then on many bands incl. 30m RTTY.
(This afternoon I changed the length of my 30m vertical, I bought a MFJ 259 on Ebay and checked my SWR. The vertical was about 60cm to long….)

Other nice DX was 5W Samoa and FO Tahiti on 20 CW. Waiting for the guys to move to Eastern Kiribati. Solomon Islands were caught on 17m RTTY.

The combination of N1MM with MMTTY works perfect. The keys are the same as with CW so no learning curve :-))

On 2 meters we (PA) we had bad luck on two days of Es: we were just 100 km outside the reflection areas. Yesterday was a very long opening, I think for May that is very rare. But there is a lot of bad weather in SE Europe, and as we know (?) big thunderstorms do enhance Es-clouds.

To be continued.