ES forever? new DXCC on 2m

I’m a bit behind on reports.
On June 10 we had a strong opening to EA7. Worked some EA7’s and EA9AK (Africa). Ended up in EA6 (EA6VQ 59+40 Hi Gabriel). 1 new square worked.

On June 11th it opened up eraly. MUF had been very high all night, there were small openings the night before at 23 gmt which is very rare.
The first signals came around 07 gmt and the MUF was still rising. At 07.43 worked F6EGD in JN24, less than 1000 km’s away. MUF must have been > 200 MHz!

At the end of the opening  the Es-cloud was flowing out over Europe, which gave scattered Es-qso’s all over the place. I was lucky to be in the right place to meet Mike SV9CVY in a short but stable opening of about 3 minutes. Which gave me new country on 2m! Now at 51 (HR) and 3 deleted countries. I’m not on EME and/or FSK.
Lost count on the squares, will have to recount :-((


SSSP opening to JA

This morning the path to JA opened. No doubt this was the SSS-propagation JE1BMJ (for link see mail before.)
It was very easy to copy the signals because there was no qrm from tv. Quite a difference with the qso’s with UK and JT,  they were nearly covered.

The SSSP has slow qsb, so have some patience and the signal will come back again. I waited for about 15 minutes for JA6JPS and when he came up it was easy to work him. The footprint is small so not many stations calling.

I made a recording of my qso with JA6WFM (PM53), sorry no call on the tape. Good signal.

A total of 6 stations were worked:

JE1BMJ       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 07:30     559      559         Han
JL8GFB       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 07:34     599      599         Man
JA6GCE       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 07:40     559      579       Nobuo
JA6WFM       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 09:45     559      559    Hirofumi
JA5AUC       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 09:48     559      559     Takeshi
JA6JPS       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 10:18     559      559     Shigemi

A crazy day on VHF

June is known for Es but today was a crazy. At 8 local (6 gmt) there was Es on 2m and I learned that before that time there were Asia stations on 6m: JT and XV. No F2 necessary!

Exactly at noon here the band openend on 2m to LZ, YO, ER, EW and UT5. For two hours there were lots of stations to work (for a Monday it was busy), but very disciplined. 144.300 is always a mess but stations were spreading out (on two sides).

Around 5 ‘o clock the band opened again, to about the same region as on June 2nd. But also some new stations were heard/worked.

It gave me 6 new locator-squares on 2m, still some white spots to cover though………….

On 6m I could add 2 new countriees: UN3M and late in the evening JT! The expedition has been worked all over Europe allready but now we got our turn. I tried to make a recording but was to late, tv-noise was picking up and the JT-station went down in the noise.
Total countries 109 only with Es.

Worked total of 43 stations on VHF (2/6) on a crazy day.

(And on HF worked 5W (Samoa) on 17m).

Another big Opening on 2m Es

Another big opening today. And although the area looked about the same as yesterday night I worked a lot of different stations & squares. Es is magic.

created with LiveMUF (@G7RAU)This is the map around 10 utc when for PA the opening was running best.  We had short skip (in this part of PA) to EW, not more than 1300-1400 km.

I worked 13 stations with again 6 new locators (13 in 2 days not bad).

The opening was very patchy, sometimes S9++ but some contacts were at EME level.

Map created with LiveMUF (@G7RAU).

Knowing some russian words and letters is an advantage, also my short call is picked up very fast. In these spotty openings you have to work fast (qso < 10 seconds), but some qso’s are taking ages, including spelling of the full locator (twice….).

0950 RA1AY       59   KP50 also 2009
0956 RA3IS         59   KO76WT

1006 RV3IG        59   KO87

1014 RA1WU       59   KO47
1022 UA3PC        59   KO84PC
1036 RA3LX        599  KO65
1039 EW6DX       59   KO45JL
1042 RA3LE        59   KO64AR
1043 EW6BA       59   KO55
1044 RA3LX        59   KO65
1045 RX3AA        59   KO85
1047 RV3YM       59   KO63

at last: ES on 2m and new DXCC on 6m

Last week there were ES-openings on 2 meter in the Southern part of Europe. And one time in this part but then the reflection point was just above our head. So we were waiting for the first opening.

On June 1st the day started promising. Lots of signals on 6m. Worked HI3TEJ on 6m.
A midday opening from G/EI to DL/OK/OM/HA on 2m.

Around dinner (my wife brought it in the shack) a huge opening started with the reflectionpoint above Romania. We were at the edge, although I heared 2 UB stations but to short/to soft to work.
Another! Es started from G to LY/YL the same time. This cloud moved to the baltic sea-N. Poland which opened the path from here to UA3 around Moscow

1726 PA3C          59   UA3ARC        59   KO85
1726 PA3C          59   UA3DHC        59   KO95
1727 PA3C          59   RD3FD           59   KO95
1730 PA3C          55   UA3AGU      56   KO86
1733 PA3C          59   RK3AF          59   KO75
1735 PA3C          559  UA3PTW    599  KO93BS
1736 PA3C          59   UA3DHC      59   KO95
1739 PA3C          55   RL3DO         57   ko85
1747 PA3C          59   RA3IS         59   KO76WT
1749 PA3C          55   RA1WU       59   KO47
closed but one hour later
1845 PA3C          59   UA3ECB      59   KO82
1846 PA3C          59   UA3PC         59   KO84PC
1851 PA3C          55   RU3XK         59   KO73FU
This gave me 7 new locator-squares on 2m!

Later on the Es cloud moved to the Eastern border of Poland. There was still lots of activity on Es and FAI and sometimes the path to JO33-area opened with short-qsb-signals. No qso made.
It was nearly midnight when the last qso’s were made, I’m not sure went to my 2m horizontal position.

Just before closing I heard OX3KQ on 6m very weak, working LA/SM. I managed to get through the pile-up for a new DXCC
2136 PA3C          51   OX3KQ         55   GP47TA

A nice day on 2 and 6.