Another big Opening on 2m Es

Another big opening today. And although the area looked about the same as yesterday night I worked a lot of different stations & squares. Es is magic.

created with LiveMUF (@G7RAU)This is the map around 10 utc when for PA the opening was running best.  We had short skip (in this part of PA) to EW, not more than 1300-1400 km.

I worked 13 stations with again 6 new locators (13 in 2 days not bad).

The opening was very patchy, sometimes S9++ but some contacts were at EME level.

Map created with LiveMUF (@G7RAU).

Knowing some russian words and letters is an advantage, also my short call is picked up very fast. In these spotty openings you have to work fast (qso < 10 seconds), but some qso’s are taking ages, including spelling of the full locator (twice….).

0950 RA1AY       59   KP50 also 2009
0956 RA3IS         59   KO76WT

1006 RV3IG        59   KO87

1014 RA1WU       59   KO47
1022 UA3PC        59   KO84PC
1036 RA3LX        599  KO65
1039 EW6DX       59   KO45JL
1042 RA3LE        59   KO64AR
1043 EW6BA       59   KO55
1044 RA3LX        59   KO65
1045 RX3AA        59   KO85
1047 RV3YM       59   KO63

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