at last: ES on 2m and new DXCC on 6m

Last week there were ES-openings on 2 meter in the Southern part of Europe. And one time in this part but then the reflection point was just above our head. So we were waiting for the first opening.

On June 1st the day started promising. Lots of signals on 6m. Worked HI3TEJ on 6m.
A midday opening from G/EI to DL/OK/OM/HA on 2m.

Around dinner (my wife brought it in the shack) a huge opening started with the reflectionpoint above Romania. We were at the edge, although I heared 2 UB stations but to short/to soft to work.
Another! Es started from G to LY/YL the same time. This cloud moved to the baltic sea-N. Poland which opened the path from here to UA3 around Moscow

1726 PA3C          59   UA3ARC        59   KO85
1726 PA3C          59   UA3DHC        59   KO95
1727 PA3C          59   RD3FD           59   KO95
1730 PA3C          55   UA3AGU      56   KO86
1733 PA3C          59   RK3AF          59   KO75
1735 PA3C          559  UA3PTW    599  KO93BS
1736 PA3C          59   UA3DHC      59   KO95
1739 PA3C          55   RL3DO         57   ko85
1747 PA3C          59   RA3IS         59   KO76WT
1749 PA3C          55   RA1WU       59   KO47
closed but one hour later
1845 PA3C          59   UA3ECB      59   KO82
1846 PA3C          59   UA3PC         59   KO84PC
1851 PA3C          55   RU3XK         59   KO73FU
This gave me 7 new locator-squares on 2m!

Later on the Es cloud moved to the Eastern border of Poland. There was still lots of activity on Es and FAI and sometimes the path to JO33-area opened with short-qsb-signals. No qso made.
It was nearly midnight when the last qso’s were made, I’m not sure went to my 2m horizontal position.

Just before closing I heard OX3KQ on 6m very weak, working LA/SM. I managed to get through the pile-up for a new DXCC
2136 PA3C          51   OX3KQ         55   GP47TA

A nice day on 2 and 6.


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