A crazy day on VHF

June is known for Es but today was a crazy. At 8 local (6 gmt) there was Es on 2m and I learned that before that time there were Asia stations on 6m: JT and XV. No F2 necessary!

Exactly at noon here the band openend on 2m to LZ, YO, ER, EW and UT5. For two hours there were lots of stations to work (for a Monday it was busy), but very disciplined. 144.300 is always a mess but stations were spreading out (on two sides).

Around 5 ‘o clock the band opened again, to about the same region as on June 2nd. But also some new stations were heard/worked.

It gave me 6 new locator-squares on 2m, still some white spots to cover though………….

On 6m I could add 2 new countriees: UN3M and late in the evening JT! The expedition has been worked all over Europe allready but now we got our turn. I tried to make a recording but was to late, tv-noise was picking up and the JT-station went down in the noise.
Total countries 109 only with Es.

Worked total of 43 stations on VHF (2/6) on a crazy day.

(And on HF worked 5W (Samoa) on 17m).


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