SSSP opening to JA

This morning the path to JA opened. No doubt this was the SSS-propagation JE1BMJ (for link see mail before.)
It was very easy to copy the signals because there was no qrm from tv. Quite a difference with the qso’s with UK and JT,  they were nearly covered.

The SSSP has slow qsb, so have some patience and the signal will come back again. I waited for about 15 minutes for JA6JPS and when he came up it was easy to work him. The footprint is small so not many stations calling.

I made a recording of my qso with JA6WFM (PM53), sorry no call on the tape. Good signal.

A total of 6 stations were worked:

JE1BMJ       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 07:30     559      559         Han
JL8GFB       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 07:34     599      599         Man
JA6GCE       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 07:40     559      579       Nobuo
JA6WFM       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 09:45     559      559    Hirofumi
JA5AUC       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 09:48     559      559     Takeshi
JA6JPS       6M    CW   09-jun-2010 10:18     559      559     Shigemi

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