ES forever? new DXCC on 2m

I’m a bit behind on reports.
On June 10 we had a strong opening to EA7. Worked some EA7’s and EA9AK (Africa). Ended up in EA6 (EA6VQ 59+40 Hi Gabriel). 1 new square worked.

On June 11th it opened up eraly. MUF had been very high all night, there were small openings the night before at 23 gmt which is very rare.
The first signals came around 07 gmt and the MUF was still rising. At 07.43 worked F6EGD in JN24, less than 1000 km’s away. MUF must have been > 200 MHz!

At the end of the opening  the Es-cloud was flowing out over Europe, which gave scattered Es-qso’s all over the place. I was lucky to be in the right place to meet Mike SV9CVY in a short but stable opening of about 3 minutes. Which gave me new country on 2m! Now at 51 (HR) and 3 deleted countries. I’m not on EME and/or FSK.
Lost count on the squares, will have to recount :-((


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