What You Can Do to Improve DXEtiquette

I support the initiative

DX Code of Conduct

DX-ing is a nice hobby, but in the 6 years I’m active on HF the behaviour of the pile-up has gone the wrong way.
It is not unusual that a deliberate signal (RTTY, carrier) is made on the DX-station frequency.
It is not unusual that a station in the pile-up is calling and calling, not even listening (how to make a qso??).
Just listen on the split-frequency for a while and be astonished about this behaviour.

No pun intended but my feeling is that the Southern part of Europe (in my case because I live in Europe) is one of the area’s where behaviour in the pile-up is not very etiquette-like.

Good advice is given on the website, some books are free to download.

My experience: on ‘this side’ of the pile-up  and on the DX-pedition pile-up XR0Y.

preparing contest @ PI4GN

This weekend VHF/UHF/SHF contest in Europe
Preparing the antennes is always taking a lot of time, taking down can be done in 2 hours.

Hoping for good weather but some storms coming…

small film

Burned 70cm preamp oeps

Broken relais, but fixed in time

Broken relais, but fixed in time

It was a very special start of the contest. Rainclouds came in with heavy thunder. CB was building to over 8km high which gave us a perfect rainscatter propagation on 3cm (10 GHz) to South and South East. Reflection area from G to F to OE(!! forward scatter). In the 3 hours of the contest we made 22 qso’s on 3cm, real DX ‘ing! ODX was OE5D and average was over 500 km.

We got our share of the storm too, no wind but heavy rains. The garden needed that.
Of course something got broken and of course we had to take down the mast in the pooring rain……….

Es easing down a littlebit

From mid-May to mid-June ES was booming.

I was not at home during many openings, such is life.

On 19-6 we in PA were on the edge of the opening to SE, hrd US8ZAL. But he made 1 qso in 60 seconds, by repeating locator, tnx qso, nice to work you (both sides). And when he gave qrz het went down in qsb.

I was happy on 6m with new ones J28AA (qsl LOTW) and JW7QIA. Worked FS a few times!

I the meantime I build the K9AY-loop. Some testing to be done but the first impression looks good. I could ‘null-out’ BBC on 646 KHz (short footage).

The picture is not very good, sorry.

Have to wait for the dark season to test it for real.