What You Can Do to Improve DXEtiquette

I support the initiative

DX Code of Conduct

DX-ing is a nice hobby, but in the 6 years I’m active on HF the behaviour of the pile-up has gone the wrong way.
It is not unusual that a deliberate signal (RTTY, carrier) is made on the DX-station frequency.
It is not unusual that a station in the pile-up is calling and calling, not even listening (how to make a qso??).
Just listen on the split-frequency for a while and be astonished about this behaviour.

No pun intended but my feeling is that the Southern part of Europe (in my case because I live in Europe) is one of the area’s where behaviour in the pile-up is not very etiquette-like.

Good advice is given on the website, some books are free to download.

My experience: on ‘this side’ of the pile-up  and on the DX-pedition pile-up XR0Y.


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