DXCC 300 worked

This week DXCC 300 was worked: ZL8X on Kermadec. At the time of writing a total of 4 qso’s have been logged on 40-30-20m. The expedition will be there for another week so maybe I can add another band (80m or 17m.

I started 2009 with 290 DXCC’s but some of them were declared ‘deleted’ on 10/10/10. I managed to work all the new entities already.

After repairing the SteppIR a problem occured: high SWR. I had the same problem last winter, but when the weather got warmer in April it disappeared. It’s an intermittant problem. After calibration the SWR is OK, but after some changing of the band (manually) the SWR goes skyhigh (>5). And recalibrating brings back the low SWR.
I assume I have a spindle problem in the Driver-motorhouse. The impact of failure in the Directors or the Reflector wouldn’t be that much.
This is a well known problem, many reports on this issue in the SteppIR-reflector.  But not sure yet, have to bring down the mast and check all the elements :-((

Meanwhile I built a vertical for 80m. Quit simple: a pole from DX-wire (15m) and some 1mm wire. Enno PF5X calculated the optimum for the vertical part. Impedance will be about 25 ohm, so I bought a 1:2 transformer UNUN @ Balun designs. Hopefully it will come before the CQWW contest still need a few countries on 80m for DXCC 100.



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  1. Gefeliciteerd met de 300ste DXCC, lijkt me toch wel een mijlpaal. Zal voor mij nog wel een paar jaar duren voor ik zover ben. Succes met de CQWW CW. 73, Bas

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