CQWW CW 2010

I focussed especially on 80m because I still need a few DXCC’s there to have 100 confirmed. Last week I tuned the 80m vertical (see last post), but still a reasonable SWR (1:2) but the impedance is very high (80 ohm)????

With 4 radials it should have been 36 ohm or less so I’m still puzzling what is wrong. But a SWR of 1:2 most power is radiated.

My stats:

Band    QSOs   Pts   Cty   ZN
3,5       272      443   78     14
7             31      74      28     17
14             7      17        7       5
21             9      27        8       5
28           38      84      27    15
Total     357   645   148   56             Score: 131.580

If all new countries on 80m are confirmed (C5, PJ2, PJ4, JA, A6, A7 and others) I can sign up for 9 Band DXCC (80m > 6m).

Time to install the 160 mast….

I will submit in 80m, HP Assisted but wil also submit all non-80m qso’s otherwise other stations will be penalized.


One Response

  1. Hi Om,good contester,pf with your new dxcc.

    73 de YC1BJX

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