freezing fog

This morning I tuned to 9Q50ON on 80m. Checked SWR: 1:5???
And when the daylight came up it became clear. The combination of freezing fog and snow gave more than 5 mm ice on all wires. To heavy for the flexpole.
Today temps will rise above zero, hopefully all will return to normal.

(Indeed it did pfffff)

tuning 80m

The vertical for 80m was to close to the fence which gave a strange value for the impedance (SWR 1:2 on 3500 kHz but 100 ohm???)

So I replaced the pole and now the interference is neutralized. SWR 1:1 and impedance 40 ohm (expected in calculations).

The dip is to low but at 3510 kHz the SWR is 1:2 (only 10% loss).



This morning worked ZL8X on 17m CW and 30m RTTY. Thin thin thin.