Topband is also a magic band

6 meters (50 MHz) is called ‘magic band’ by many amateurs. And it is true , sometimes amazing DX is flying in while nearby stations are low in the noise. Especially with Es. (No F2-experience here, and I expect that there will be no or just weak F2 in this solar cycle).

But 160M is as magic as 6M. Propagation is very different from 6M, but can be magic too. Especially around Sunset and Sunrise DX can be expected to pop out of the noise. And a (relative) simple setup is enough to work real DX.

2 weeks ago I have set up my 160M flexpole (16M) as 1/4 wave inverted-L. Started with 4 radials on the ground, but today I added 3 more. Now the SWR is nearly 1:1 and impedance around 40 ohm. The efficiency will be 60-75%. Yesterday I heard VK4AM (his sunrise) but no power (enough) to break the pile-up. And last year VK3IO. But I never heard a ZL although it’s quit close from Australia (30 min sun).
New DXCC this year on 160M are XU (also 80), A4 and ZB2.

This winter I use a K9AY system for RX but I’m very satisfied with the results. Compared to the inverted-L signals are much weaker and noise (QRN) is not better, maybe worse. F/B attanuation (directivity) works OK so nothing wrong with the installation itself. Maybe to close to the inverted-L??

So I decided to setup a beverage, to the East (90 degrees) about 160m long. And it works perfect. Signals are not so strong but QRN is much much lower than on the inverted-L and the K9AY: the S/R ratio is better.

Yesterday on 80m I used the beverage to listen to Long Path qso’s (SSB) and I even managed to work K7ZV, my first LP qso on 80m.

Sorry the picture is not very clear on the.
The 160M vertical is clear on the pic. Just looked outside: no 160M there. The wind is strong today. Broken guy but no harm done.


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