I decided to enter the CQWW 160M contest last weekend for real. All (2) night long till after SunRise. Didn’t manage to stay up all night had to sleep for a few hours. And a birthdayparty on Saturday night!
Total time on about 21 hours.

The week before the contest I quickly installed a beverage for West. Not too long about 100m space is limited in that direction. And I moved the K9AY square further away from the inverted-L tx-antenne.

Both changes were big improvements. Although signals are down on beverages the noise (QRN+QRM) is down much more. And the 3rd order IM properties of my TS-2000 are not too good, so listening on the inverted-L is not possible in contest situations. (PA0QX is about 10 km away from me, when he is on the whole band blocks).
Working most time with a bandwith of 80 Hz, but sometimes it is very difficult to tune to the right frequency. I think the tx and rx of my TS-2000 are not the same, when I use the RIT permanently +0,12 the qso-rate went up.

Did 429 qso’s in S&P-mode, 67 countries (5 all time new) and 32 US-states for a total of just over 250.000 points. Especially Sunrise on Sunday was great! I worked states like NM, CA & AZ and XE, PJ2 and P49 very easy. Heard CE but weak, too late and huge pile-up.


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