PACC from PJ4

This weekend the PACC Dutch contest is on. But I’m on PJ4 so contacted Peter PJ4NX and asked him if I could use his qth for the contest. So now I’m here and try to work the Dutch but its more difficlt than I thought. 20M en 15M opened very late (11 local time) and were not very strong. With cw some qso’s were made but with cq nobody came back. Some 25 qso’s in the log.
So I tried some DX calling but that was also going slow. About 50 qso’s in an hour but no real pile-up.

The antenne van Peter for 2 meter is big (4x horizontal EME system) but at the moment he has no good antenne for HF. The multiband vertical is very close to the overhead powerlines the street which creates qrn up to S5. The Optibeam9-5 for 20M-10M is ready but the tower is lacking.  But Bonaire has some procedures when you want to install a tower…..

But it was nice to work at Peters’ place, Derk PA0DVD was there also, we had a good lunch and nice discussions.

Thanks Peter!


4 days of strong winds and VP8ORK

I tried to be a clever guy (lets call it strategy, sounds better) and wait for the last few days of the VP8ORK expedtion to work them on 80&160. I’m not really a big gun on tose bands so waiting for smaller pile-ups could improve my chances.

mother nature decided that this was wrong. Last week a strong wind (peaks to 100 km/h) started and lasted for more than 4 days. Never seen this before. The top of the flexploes (80m: 12m high; 160m: 18m high) were swinging like crazy, speeds of the fiber must have been over 100 km/h!
So the wires of the horizontal section of the inverted-L were torn. Also some guylines started to deteriorate so I had to bring down the verticals: no topband/80M :-((

Worked them on 40m on the last day with the dipole fixed with ropes into the right position. It was breaking out on the wind to the wrong position, slipping in the rotor.

But in the end no severe damage, today I will repair the verticals and tonight qrv again. Only for a few days then leaving for PJ4.

9 Band DXCC confirmed

Today I received qsl direct from Nelson 4S7NE for our qso on 80M last month. This completed the 100 confirmed countries on 80M.  I now have confirmed 9 Bands with 100 or more DXCC’s, from 6M to 80M.

On 160M not yet enough: 98 worked and 79 confirmed. ButI hope this time of the (dark) season will bring me 100+ countries on 160. Just before, and in the contest last weekend worked 5 new DXCC’s. Conditions on 160M are not that good at the moment with rising K and A-values. Although… worked VK4MA and 9M2AX. Also worked Ross on 80M but with many more effort. Found out that my fiberglass inverted-L was swinging in the strong wind and the SWR was also swinging between 1 and 2,5! My PA didn’t like that and was shutting down all the time.

Since a few days I use the skimmer-output from the cluster (VE1DXI). I must say: why didn’t I do that earlier? Many spots are reliable. And do not appear, or later, on the ‘normal’ cluster as a spot. Nice feature that brought me some new challenge-points.

The West beverage was changed to 210 degrees to catch VP8ORK. Heard them this morning very light on 80M, no qso. Was to late for 160M. Although they call this a mini-expedition you can hear them all day on all bands in all modes. Not really mini. Bad luck with conditions, high K and low SFI.