9 Band DXCC confirmed

Today I received qsl direct from Nelson 4S7NE for our qso on 80M last month. This completed the 100 confirmed countries on 80M.  I now have confirmed 9 Bands with 100 or more DXCC’s, from 6M to 80M.

On 160M not yet enough: 98 worked and 79 confirmed. ButI hope this time of the (dark) season will bring me 100+ countries on 160. Just before, and in the contest last weekend worked 5 new DXCC’s. Conditions on 160M are not that good at the moment with rising K and A-values. Although… worked VK4MA and 9M2AX. Also worked Ross on 80M but with many more effort. Found out that my fiberglass inverted-L was swinging in the strong wind and the SWR was also swinging between 1 and 2,5! My PA didn’t like that and was shutting down all the time.

Since a few days I use the skimmer-output from the cluster (VE1DXI). I must say: why didn’t I do that earlier? Many spots are reliable. And do not appear, or later, on the ‘normal’ cluster as a spot. Nice feature that brought me some new challenge-points.

The West beverage was changed to 210 degrees to catch VP8ORK. Heard them this morning very light on 80M, no qso. Was to late for 160M. Although they call this a mini-expedition you can hear them all day on all bands in all modes. Not really mini. Bad luck with conditions, high K and low SFI.


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  1. Congrats Aart, an amazing accomplishment…
    73, Bas

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