4 days of strong winds and VP8ORK

I tried to be a clever guy (lets call it strategy, sounds better) and wait for the last few days of the VP8ORK expedtion to work them on 80&160. I’m not really a big gun on tose bands so waiting for smaller pile-ups could improve my chances.

mother nature decided that this was wrong. Last week a strong wind (peaks to 100 km/h) started and lasted for more than 4 days. Never seen this before. The top of the flexploes (80m: 12m high; 160m: 18m high) were swinging like crazy, speeds of the fiber must have been over 100 km/h!
So the wires of the horizontal section of the inverted-L were torn. Also some guylines started to deteriorate so I had to bring down the verticals: no topband/80M :-((

Worked them on 40m on the last day with the dipole fixed with ropes into the right position. It was breaking out on the wind to the wrong position, slipping in the rotor.

But in the end no severe damage, today I will repair the verticals and tonight qrv again. Only for a few days then leaving for PJ4.


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