New DXCC worked

Working new DXCC’s is getting harder and harder. Most of those places do not have a radio-amateurs or not even inhabitants. So you have to wait for expeditions. This week 2 expeditions started and amazingly I worked both on the same day for new DXCC’s: 4A4A Revilla Gigedo (XF) and Sable Island (CY0).

And most times 20M will be the first band to have a contact. But I worked 4A4A on 80M CW as a first! No beverage just a plain inverted-L and 500W.  Sun was just above the horizon so not many EU-people in the pile-up, only G’s. (Didn’t work them on 20m yet…)
CY0 is very close so easy to work, although there schedules are not very transparant.

Total count DXCC now 301 worked.


Last weekend I joined the PI4GN gang in the European VHF-UHF-SHF contest. That’s different stuff, up to 24 GHz. Most energy is spent when you elevate the mast with 100 kg of transverters-paraboles-PA’s. But only one resistor blew away before the contest, during the contest all gear stayed up. Nice performance!






The higher bands (12M and 10M) are opening up fine lately, TEP, ES or F2? The sun is getting more active, last week I heard/worked Aurora on 144 MHz for the first time in 7 years (oefff not easy to read those cw signals).
Spots on 12/10 are local like ES sometimes no signal while worked 300km from here (South like always). And some 6M qso’s are being made already so it will be a interesting ES-F2 season!

Meanwhile Harm PE1IGM is around J3 and working a fine number of qso’s as J3/PE1IGM. As everybody can see on it is a /mm operation so although his call is legal a qso will not count for DXCC-verification.


2 Responses

  1. Lokatie/masten komen me bekend voor. Is volgens mij in Rottum? Of niet? 73, Bas

  2. well done Aart
    Een mooie 4A4A op 80m

    De hoge banden gaan nu toch wel los

    Van WSPR gezien:
    12 VK’s op 10 gisteren actief geteld
    Vandaag ook weer van JO33hg VK2 VK3 10m
    In VK hebben ze nu wel begrepen dat WSPR toch ook erg goed voor 2m en 6m werkt.
    Ik hoor niets meer over de te korte 6M openingen waardoor WSPR niet geschikt zou zijn volgens mij kletspraat. WSPR heeft aan 1 minuut ook genoeg als het signaal redelijk is.

    2630km tropo-duct QSO op 144 tussen VK2 – VK6
    dat lukt daar over zee ( dat wel)

    op 80m elke avond met VK7DIK over en weer
    ook op 160m VK6ZT

    low band evening SS prop to VK / ZL? is better then one would think when listening there in the empty bands.

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