Expedition time

Nice expeditions in the last few months.
VP8ORK, 4A4A, many calls/CY0, VU4PB and S21YZ.

4A4A started very good on 80M but after a few days we had pretty strong Aurora which destroyed the propagation.
The last few of the expedition the band came back and gave me some nice qso’s in the end.  Mostly CW of course!

The CYo expedition used more than one call which is a bad thing because many more QSO’s have to be made to satisfy everybody.  Every new/different call will be jumped on.
Although VU4 and S2 were not new DXCC’s I needed a lot more ‘slots’ on them.  On 80M they were to weak here, no beverages anymore had to clean the grassland of my neighbor.  The window for 80M is quite short now due to the equinox position of the sun.

The sun is getting more active and combined with the equinox position which creates TEP the openings on 12&10 are very nice. A lot of Caribean Island are active because of some big contest in March (RDX and WPX).
No 6M yet like in the South of Europe.

The SteppIR is now behaving better. With the help of PA3DVG I now have 33Volt on the controller and calibration is better than before. But I must say: it’s no winter anymore so it is not the real proof of the pudding.


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