This month I’m traveling in Thailand mostly to do scubadiving.
Back in Phuket I contacted John HS0ZIQ who is very active on the radio last months.


John is working here now but will return to ZB2 shortly. He rented a house next to a watertower for his antenne, a Deltaloop. To cancel the noise from the mains a MFJ-unit is doing a nice job, but still the noiselevel is high.
The temp in de radioroom is over 32C and no airco, hot pile-ups!


Conditions are very different from Europe: on day the band is dead but after sunset it opens up even on 10m till late.

Yesterday we tried to use the station of a friend but the banana of the SteppIR failed suddenly. A pity we were ready for big pile-ups from EU :((

I had a nice time with John we discussed a lot about hamradio in Thailand (very restricted especially for foreigners) and we drove around the Island on his motorbike.

Thanks John for this nice time.