This month I’m traveling in Thailand mostly to do scubadiving.
Back in Phuket I contacted John HS0ZIQ who is very active on the radio last months.


John is working here now but will return to ZB2 shortly. He rented a house next to a watertower for his antenne, a Deltaloop. To cancel the noise from the mains a MFJ-unit is doing a nice job, but still the noiselevel is high.
The temp in de radioroom is over 32C and no airco, hot pile-ups!


Conditions are very different from Europe: on day the band is dead but after sunset it opens up even on 10m till late.

Yesterday we tried to use the station of a friend but the banana of the SteppIR failed suddenly. A pity we were ready for big pile-ups from EU :((

I had a nice time with John we discussed a lot about hamradio in Thailand (very restricted especially for foreigners) and we drove around the Island on his motorbike.

Thanks John for this nice time.



One Response

  1. Hallo Aart
    Alweer op reis 😉
    Lijkt me wel wat HS jammer van de beperkingen voor buitenlanders.
    Helaas de propagatie is 29/30 april enorm slecht
    geen wspr spots meer op 10 en 15 slechts 2 over de gehele dag! anders 100+
    Ga maar duiken…
    grts Jaap

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