At last a decent Opening on 6m

Yesterday the band opened nicely to the Carib. Two expedition on Saba and St. Maarten came through with nice signals even on SSB (PJ6D).  Strange call for St. Maarten: PJ76, no letter suffix. New policy?

Later I worked Curacao. Minimal signals but suddenly 599 and worked. It’s a magic band

Also worked Venezuela and some islands/countries like St. Kitts & Nevis.

Total now 120 countries worked incl. deleted.

Today will be nice again on 6, JA are already coming in at 7 gmt in the morning.
But the weatherforecast is bad, heavy storm-thunder coming in so have to lower the antenna and disconnect.

worst Es season ever?

This Es season is one of the wordt or maybe the worst season ever. In my experience.
On 2M we have had 2 patchy short Openings, on 6M nearly no USA, no JA. Caribean openings not many and very light signals (although signals have been better in the South of PA).

Yesterday 6M was open to PJ4/PJ2 but as always the signals were blocked just South of us.
After hours of waiting suddenly PJ4E came out of the noise for about 20 minutes, S3 at most.
A new DXCC on 6M (117).

On HF  the band is not very good most of the time, due to the sun-activity. A very quiet time for the hobby.