worst Es season ever?

This Es season is one of the wordt or maybe the worst season ever. In my experience.
On 2M we have had 2 patchy short Openings, on 6M nearly no USA, no JA. Caribean openings not many and very light signals (although signals have been better in the South of PA).

Yesterday 6M was open to PJ4/PJ2 but as always the signals were blocked just South of us.
After hours of waiting suddenly PJ4E came out of the noise for about 20 minutes, S3 at most.
A new DXCC on 6M (117).

On HF  the band is not very good most of the time, due to the sun-activity. A very quiet time for the hobby.


One Response

  1. Aart agree very poor special for us in the N-E
    just this night was the first real good ES event at 6m during the SMIRK many big sigs from east UR YO LZ EA2/3/4/6/7/8 CT and A45XR good signal
    Then VY2OX and VE1YX came in later many W 1x W5 EM40 was the best here.

    Finally an opening that reached a bit further then the southwest only

    OZ reported PY
    But i heard you also in CW
    Grumbling helps…

    The HF bands are also not very exiting the only activity i have is the grey line peak WSPR 80m to VK7DIK almost every evening he decodes me and other PA/G and sometime other VK’s

    WSPR 6m could be much better if there was serious activity in SA & Caribbean & USA.
    But in the future i think more hams will be active with WSPR it takes time.

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