Adding more new #countries on 6 meter

6 meter band is improving because the sun is quiet. And good expeditions in the Caribean who are qrv and calling cq for hours. With Es this is very important because ‘conditions’ can change very fast, signals can change many S-points in a matter of seconds.
To follow all conditions I use LiveMUF by G7RAU to follow conditions. This is nice application to keep up to date on 6-4-2 meter band with nice graphs. Also it connect to ON4KST chatbox (6m or 2m) so it’s possible to follow all discussions.

These Internet apps do have a setback: it is now possible to make qso’s on the chatbox. Sometimes even reports are exchanged in the chat…. Announcing yourself that you are calling him (the DX) on the cluster or in the chat is not done. But there is no law on that, it’s fairplay.

Last few days worked PJ6D (again, my first qso didn’t show up in his log??? but now OK, already confirmed in LOTW), one JA, on June 28 I worked EX9T Kyrgyzstan for a new one, next day BA4SI China (new) and today A65BP in cw.

But sometimes we are behind the curtain, like yesterday. Heard PV8ABC Brazil very weak so no chance while in the Southern part of Holland he came in 559 or better (RTTY, very strange to work that mode for rare DX). One station in the North made a qso but I would describe that as a chatbox-cluster-qso…..

Well at last the band is improving and it is still possible to add more new countries. A magic band.


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