Es can be nice but also frustrating

This week HB0/PC5A is active with good setup. So I asked him for a sked in slow cw, because I still need HB0 on 6m. But what kind of prop do you need? Tropo? about 600 km is to far away. Es? Not likely, to short for a first hop, although I have worked OE and HB9 and even Souther Germany.
Iono? I can hear DK1MAX very often with my antenna to the USA, Es backscatter or Iono scatter. But Aurelio has about 100 and a HB9CV ant, not enough for scatter.

We tried on 3 mornings but only some some MS-bursts no qso.

Yesterday afternoon the MUF went high and Aurelio was working GM, G, PA in JO21, JO22,… and finally came up in JO33 with up to 59+ signals. We made the qso easy, and later also on cw for #122. Es can be nice!

Later that evening Es started on 2m, reflectionpoint somewhere in KO04.
Very patchy opening, no good signals here but just South of me much better. grrrrrrrrrrrr. Was sitting here for 2 hours without a qso.
Just at the end I worked RA3SI in LO04 in cw (new), and UA3PTW (worked in 2010 also).


2 Responses

  1. Nou, dat herken ik wel Aart, en met mij alle vhf dxers. Dubbel hop op 6 is zo mogelijk nog erger. Maar daar is de “charme” van vhf dx-ing….

    73 @lex PA1AW

  2. Aart weer 1tje erbij
    Vorig weekend was SV2ASP/A Mount Athos in de Egean contest ik heb hem niet gehoord.
    Vorige week vrijdag kwam ik thuis uit DL 6m was wijd open. Als of het normaal was
    Nu vrijdag kom ik weer terug uit DL ca 17:00 lokale tijd Het 1e wat ik hoor is N3DB 579 cq EU op 50.107 no takers…
    en later nog WV0V in EM47 met een 559 signaal was goed te werken W3LPL weer eens gewerkt alleen WV0V was een nieuwe.
    Vrij snel daarna was het al weer stil.
    Nog gehoopt op W6 /7 VE7 zoals vorig jaar een heel korte opening naar CN87 in de static rain.. die precies zolang aanhield totdat de propagatie weer op default stond (EA SV S5)

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