rain rain rain (monsoon)

April and May (and also March) were very dry. So nature has to compensate and is bringing rain again. June was sometimes bad (rain) but average. July started like a monsoon, some places more rain came down than the monthly average, in 24h.

So time to do updates, cleaning backlogs.
Recounted and checked my locator count on 2m, must be 379 worked now including the last qso’s (RA3SI inLO04).

Printed a lot of qsl-cards (stickers) for PE1IGM. I’m his qsl-manager, Harm is /mm in the Caribean. I trained him on N1MM logging software and qsl-ing is a piece of cake. Importing in DXKeeper, check, print. Need a small stamp to finish a card (‘Verified by PA3C’), where can I buy that?

For new ones on 6m: season is ending a littlebit but I was lucky and worked SV2ASP/a Monk Apollo on his cq. The first time it was not a very good qso so when he was on 2 days later, and much stronger, worked him just 2-b-sure!

Yesterday in the VHF-contest conditions were good on 6m. And also on 2m the whole day around the Mediteranian Sea, but it didn’t reach our area :-((

On 6m I worked 9Y and PV. PV8ABC was sometimes strong, with a lot of qsb. His tx is powerfull, but his rx is not to good. But we managed to complete the qso, LOTW confirmation already in (worked 124, confirmed 116).

After all this season was reasonable, but only one opening to JA, and maybe 2-3 to NA. Just South of JO33 it was much better, sometimes the black curtain was close….

Next week I will replace the driver of the SteppIR with a friend of mine (PA3DVG). I bought the 30m/40m add-on kit ((banana). Hopefully the winterproblems will be over then. Although calibration is OK the last few months, the power on the SteppIR controller now is 30V, maybe that was the problem with the calibration? Must be winter to be sure about this.


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