TK on 6m

Received the card for my qso last year with TK on 6m. Very rare to work TK.


Es (catching up)

On July 30 there was a nice Es-opening on 2m.  Worked

SV2CXW    KN10
SW2HTI     KN10
SV5BYR/5   KM35kj new DXCC and new loc.
SW1IXP     KM17  new loc.
 LZ2PI     KN23
 LZ3GM   KN32
 LZ1KJ     KN31
Never worked so many SV in one day on 2m, but it is the summer-holiday so no other stations in this neighborhood calling.
Mike SV5BYR/5 was audible for over 20 minutes, mostly working DL but sometimes cqcq without reply. A very narrow duct/path. Es is a strane phenomena!
On 6m I heard ST0R (South Sudan) a few times up to 559. The best time the station was in beacon mode, a SMS-wake-up call was to late. But many stations in PA worked them so you have to have some luck and maybe more hours sitting here listening to the noise…..
Today I received qsl from SV2ASP/A for our qso on 6m. Quit fast reply.
Also received a number of cards from RW6HS. He is qsl-manager for many stations in 4L, EX and other eastern countries. It was his second or 3rd try to get the cards here, lots of ‘missing post’ in those countries. Thanks for the effort Vasily!